Transport & Warehousing – Alltrans 2007

  • In the case of domestic transport, any complaint against the carrier shall be presented without unreasonable delay. This shall in the case of visible partial loss, damage or delay be presented immediately upon the taking over of the goods and otherwise within seven days of taking over the goods. If such complaint is not presented, the right to bring proceedings lapses.
  • In the case of international transport, the provisions contained in Article 30 of the CMR Convention apply.

Removal of household goods – Bohag 2010

If the consumer wishes to make a claim against the carrier because of errors, damage, loss or delay, the consumer shall inform the carrier of this within a reasonable time after it has noticed or removed the error, damage, loss or delay.

Office relocation – Kontor 2003

  • Anyone wishing to request compensation from the carrier for moving goods to be reduced, damaged or lost shall notify the carrier within seven days.

  • If a complaint is made later than seven days from the delivery of the goods by the carrier, it is incumbent on the party making the claim for compensation to the carrier to show that the reduction, damage or loss occurred before the goods were delivered by the carrier. However, any reduction or damage visible at the time of removal of the movable property shall, immediately upon the loss of the action, be immediately claimed when the carrier has released the goods.

  • Complaints that relate to anything other than damage to or reduction or loss of the movable goods shall be made within fourteen days after the date on which the purchaser has received or should have become aware of the circumstances that underlie the liability of the carrier. If such a complaint has not been made, the client has lost his right to speak.

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