BudXpress in Fagersta

BudXpress – Fast and safe freight transport

Do you need to send packages or pallets quickly and safely?
We always have a courier van or truck that is ready basically around the clock and can therefore start transport and delivery of your parcel, package or pallet goods at very short notice.

BudXpress offers services in courier service, distribution, warehouse, air cargo and moving.
We have almost 40 years of experience as a transport company and haulage company in freight and have many vehicles for fast express deliveries.

Delivery company with a large catchment area

The majority of our vehicles are daily scattered within the map area below:
Västmanland, Södermanland, Örebro, Stockholm and Uppsala for quick pick up with delivery anywhere in Sweden, the Nordic countries or Europe.
We are in Fagersta every day and can help with your transport needs at short notice.
Within this large catchment area, we have, among other things, our popular and price-reduced service: Distribution Mälardalen, click on the map to read more.

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What advantages do you get with us?

  • Easy
  • Quickly
  • Personally
  • Solution focused
  • Environmentally friendly transport
  • Quality-conscious transport company
  • Automatic feedback on delivery
Mattias and Micke
Site manager and CEO
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Prices and quote

We would like to know more about you and your transport or storage needs.
Contact us and we will count on a free quote.

Telephone: +46 10 810 48 00
Email: order@budxpress.se