Lokalbud is the service for you who need packages and pallets – transport in Eskilstuna / Västerås.
With all our vehicles, we always have a car near you that can transport your goods. We can handle up to 18 pallets / turn.

We offer three different service options:

  • Economy - Delivery within 6 hours - Booking Stop 10.00 - Weekdays
  • Standard - Delivery within 3 hours - Booking Stop 13:00 - Weekdays
  • Direct - Delivery within 1.5 hours - Weekdays
  • Direct - Delivery within 3 hours - Weekdays after 18:00 and Weekends

The zones that you see in the picture below shows 3 different zones per city served in this service.
Have you fixed basis or many stops per day, we ask you to email your inquiry to sales@budxpress.se we will return with our distribution arrangements to you shortly.

Booked via customer web (Login).
You can of course also book by phone or form.