Our most common service, Xpressdelivery

For fast, accurate and long-distance transport, this is the service for you.

We are running throughout Sweden & Europe.

Largest truck can handle 9 tons and 18 palletplaces with opening side doors.
We also have trailers that can handle 10 tons and 17 palletplaces.
Total 19 tons and 35 palletplaces/transport.

This service is open around the clock. Press 1 if you call at night or weekend so you will be connected to the reservation.

What benefits do you get with us?

  • Easy to book
  • Personalized service without the push of a button
  • Short lead time
  • Door-door
  • High service according to our customer reviews
  • Full traceability – follow the goods
  • Automatic feedback on delivery

Book via customer web (Login).
You can of course also book by phone or form.

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