Home delivery – Furniture & Appliances transport

Our popular service, Home Delivery – Furniture.

We help you with home delivery from the store.
Notify in the store that BudXpress retrieves.
If receipt must be included in the collection – talk to the staff.

We can even unpack, install / mount and the packaging for recycling, but it is recommended that the board be saved.
If you can not be at home, you can give us a warrant to leave at the designated place.

Have you fixed basis or many stops per day, we ask you to email your inquiry to sales@budxpress.se we will return with our distribution arrangements to you shortly.



We offer three different service options:

  • 1 man – Sidewalk Delivery
    Customer collects the goods at the car and carry yourself in goods.
  • 1 man – Carrying
    Driver carries the goods at the designated place.
    But not on other floors than the customer’s entrance door.
    At bulky goods should the customer be helpful to wear.
  • 2 man – Carrying
    The haulage company has with the assistant and customer need not carry anything. Delivery takes place at the designated location but not on other floors than the customer’s entrance door.

Booked via customer web (Login). However, you must have received permission for the furniture and white goods bookings.
You can of course also book by phone or form.

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