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We carry out relocation for both private individuals and companies and we know what it takes to give you that extra.

We do everything within moving except packing.

We do not normally inspect but go for the information you provide in the quotation documentation.

Fill out our form and we will return with a quote by email. Choose whether you want to bring with or without cleaning.
The offer should be read through and approve by email and then book in time and date.

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As standard, there are 2 removal men + truck. For a faster move, we can expand with another 1-2 men. In the truck we always have:
Carrying cases, blankets, annoyers, trolleys and disassembly tools.

How long does a move take approximately?
Transport time is not counted.

Size of home Estimated time (h)
1 RK 3-5
2 RK 4-7
3 RK 5-9
4 RK 6-8, 3 movers
5 RK 7-8, 4 movers
6 RK 8-10, 4 movers
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For corporate relocation / office transfers, we provide as many people as are needed to make it fast and easy without unnecessary interruptions in your business.
We disassemble the desk and assemble them in the new location. We also take the safe and empty the archive.
Choose if we’re going to make the move on the weekend so the business is up to Monday morning.

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Moving the piano is usually not the easiest but we have special equipment that facilitates the movement of the piano.
The price varies depending on the number of stairs and distances and the weight of the piano.

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With us you can rent or buy professional cartons.

Choose if you want them deliver before the moving and pick-up one week after the moving.

How much moving boxes are normal for a household move?
A rule of thumb says 0.9 pieces per square meter.

Size of home Number of moving boxes
1 RK 20-40
2 RK 40-60
3 RK 60-80
4 RK 80-100
5 RK 100-120
6 RK 120-150


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As a complement to the moving, we also carry removable cleaning and we cooperate with a cleaning company.

Use the RUT-deduction and save 50% on the cleaning.

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Currently we have limited opportunity for storage.

Tips for packing and moving guide.
Click Here to download

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Fill in the details below and we will return with a quotation.

Sometimes we also do an inspection but the starting point is that we go on the information you leave us.

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We are covered by Bohag 2010 (Household) and Kontor 2003 (Office) through Trygg Hansa. (Swedish version)
So if something happens then these are the conditions that apply.

Professional traffic permits:
In order to carry out transports against payment, professional traffic permits are required via the Swedish Transport Agency.
There are professionals who do not have it and then it is illegal activity.
We obviously have a professional traffic permit and if desired we can send a copy of it.